Catching Waves in the UK: Surfing Spots, Seasons, and Essential Gear
11 October 2023

While tropical destinations might come to mind when one thinks of surfing, the UK, with its rugged coastlines and wild waves, offers an unparalleled experience for surf aficionados. From chilly waters to world-class breaks, surfing in the UK promises a thrilling adventure. Here’s your guide to navigating the UK’s surf scene. Popular Surfing Spots in […]

Mindfulness & Connection to Nature: The Stress Free Enjoyment of Water with Ear Pro
15 September 2023

Embracing the Still Waters There’s nothing quite like the calm and mindfulness experienced when near or on the water. Whether you’re lost in the vastness of the ocean, peacefully sailing on a quiet lake, or mastering the waves, water sports offer a special bond with nature that’s both liberating and soothing. However, the peace can […]

2 January 2023

The word “prevent” has its roots in Latin with the verb praevenire and its past participle praeventus. The literal meaning is to “come before”. In its English form it was first seen in the 1500’s as preventen which means “act in anticipation of another -or- act sooner or more quickly than another” Especially just this […]

Mineral oil, is it bad for you? Debunking the myths and the Ear Pro test case
21 May 2022

We started developing Ear Pro in 2017 and after much testing and experimenting with different ingredients as well as discussions with preeminent experts in the field, we decided on the use of mineral oil. This decision was based on science, research and real world trials. I have since discovered an amazing amount of controversy from […]

10 January 2022

It is the most essential element for life on this planet. It is the most essential element in our own bodies – It is literally in our DNA! For many of us, WATER is also a LIFESTYLE.  We are drawn to water. It makes us feel whole and energized, it nurtures our creativity and our […]

The Science Behind Ear Pro
7 December 2021

Ear Pro is a carefully designed and extremely effective combination of two very well researched ingredients – Medical Grade Mineral Oil and High Grade Organic Oregano Oil. Medical Grade Mineral Oil, also known as paraffinum liquidum or pharmaceutical grade mineral oil, is the most highly refined level of mineral oil. Food grade mineral oil, which […]

World Champion Swimmer Amanda Beard Joins Ear Pro as Official Swimming Evangelist
9 November 2021

SAN JOSE, Calif. (November 9, 2021) – Ear Pro, the world’s top preventative remedy against ear infections caused by trapped water, welcomes four-time Olympian and World Champion swimmer, mother of two, and co-founder of learn-to-swim school Beard Swim Co., Amanda Beard as its official swimming evangelist. After learning about Ear Pro and experiencing stellar results […]

Can vitamins and supplements avoid hearing loss?
25 March 2021

Hearing loss, unfortunately, is the most common sensory disorder in the US and many other countries around the world. It is no surprise that we all look for advice and tips on how to maintain hearing health and also on how to avoid age-related or indeed noise-induced hearing loss. A quick Google search reveals a […]

Spring is finally here but are your ears ready?
11 March 2021

Spring is one of our favourite seasons but did you know that most middle ear infections occur in spring? With the weather getting warmer, most of us want to move outdoors and enjoy the sun after a dark winter. But, spring also brings rain, a shift in temperatures and seasonal allergies. These erratic seasonal changes can […]

What food is good for ear health & hearing?
23 February 2021

Throughout all of March, many countries, such as the USA or the U.K., celebrate Nutrition Month. Essentially an information campaign, the intent is to focus our attention on the importance of healthy eating and our physical activity habits. Most people of course know that a mix of good nutrition and physical activity will contribute substantially to maintaining […]

The health benefits (and risks) of ‘Ice Swimming’
10 February 2021

To get an impression of how wonderfully different and beautiful ice swimming is, watch the below video of Jamie Monahan swimming in the Antarctica. Jamie is a seven-time US champion in winter swimming and first winner of the World Cup of the International Winter Swimming Association. She is also the first person ever to complete the […]

How do I prevent ear infections when it’s cold?
28 January 2021

Winter has well and truly arrived! And, while some of us enjoy snow and ice, we all need to remember that spending extended periods out in the cold can have a negative impact on our health. Our ears in particular need protection from cold weather effects to avoid possibly irreversible damage. Icy winds do not […]

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